As well as offering an impressive collection of brands, we pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke furniture. Whether it be a small design modification to a large-scale project, we aim to make the design process as efficient and as straightforward as possible.

 We understand that with some projects, some spaces and some clients' ideas don't fit into the realms of the ready-made brands that are available, and some projects want a stand-alone feature piece. Some projects need a design custom-made to work with their brand.


Our Bespoke department has created some of the most unique designs for many of the projects that we completed, such as the Central bank.

Bespoke reception desks, board room tables, and bespoke joinery seating areas are other areas in which our talented design department specialises.



bespoke plane wall

Our Bespoke team approaches every commission according to the clients’ design. We take it from its concept stage through to the finished stage. We work with designers to provide them with solutions to meet the specific requirements of the design.
We create pieces that are efficient in their use of material and that are sustainable from a design perspective. We pride ourselves on using local craftsmen and artists in the surrounding areas of Ireland. Alongside local craftsmen and artists, we create efficient and sustainable pieces.




What is the type of products that your Bespoke department specialise in?

Our team in our Bespoke Department are a group of designers/engineers and furniture designers that create a strength between them to provide solutions for areas or designs that don't conform to the mainstream products if a stand-alone feature is needed for projects. They have created the most spectacular boardroom tables, reception areas, and bespoke pieces for the Central Bank, Salesforce, Aviation Ireland, etc.