MJF Interiors’ Glazing Solutions


Double Glazing

Double-glazed partition systems are ideal for meeting rooms, boardrooms and phone booths as they offer a quiet and confidential environment.  These types of double-glazing systems range in dB ratings depending on the configuration of glass and thickness of frame used.  We can provide specifications for your choice of partition and can advise on the dB requirement. Our market leading brands, including Radii/Planet and iWall glazed partition systems can achieve up to 53dB for the screens, and the glazed doors can range from 36dB to 45dB with the new Hogan 100 door. Our technical team can advise on and provide you with the correct specification you require for your project. You just decide which aesthetically pleasing system you would like to use.


Single Glazing

Single glazed glass panels can be less efficient regarding noise reduction between divided spaces, but still look sharp. If you don’t need an acoustic glass partition wall, you can opt for a single glazed wall made of only one glass panel. Due to the fact that only a single glass pane is present in single glazing, they can be installed in older windowsills and window frames as well as areas where acoustic privacy is not as important. Single glazed walls would generally be of 12 mm toughened or 12.8 mm laminated safety glass. MJF offer glazing services including replacement glass and glazing.


Fire-rated Glazing

Fire safety is a top priority for any workplace. Strict building regulations are in place to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and members of the public. If a fire should occur, the building fabric should offer the necessary protection (fire rating).

 MJF Interiors aim to offer an all-inclusive service for fire-rated glazing requirements. With vast experience in dealing with fabricators, contractors, and architects, we can assist from concept right up to installation with our contracting team. Radii/Planet including brands Firestop, Firetec, Schuco and Foster fire systems are among the most reliable and trusted systems on the market. All of our systems come fully certified for supply and installation.

 At MJF Interiors, you can also opt for fire-resistant glazed screens, equipped with special fire-rated coverings that can resist high temperatures for up to two hours. Our range of Fire rated products include the premium frameless look Firetec system from Radii/Planet Partitions as well as the popular Fosters and Schuco systems. Our technical sales team are on hand to advise and specify the correct product for your project requirements.

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Why choose MJF Interiors glazing specialists?

MJF Interiors offer the best quality glazed partitions on the market. We have a large network of trained and authorised personnel in the industry. Our trained representatives complete their projects skilfully, professional, and within the agreed budgets.