As a leading supplier of movable and folding walls in Ireland, MJF Interiors provide service contracts to the commercial, health, educational, religious and hospitality sectors.

With over 25 years of experience supplying, installing, and servicing moving walls, we understand the importance of providing market-leading technology through our exclusive partnerships with leading brands, Dorma, Skyfold and Espero, to provide trusted and reliable folding wall panel systems to the Irish market.

We provide design and specification services to assist the A&D community in delivering the perfect solution for every space, whether it be an innovative showcase solution or a simple, practical movable divider wall.


Types of Interior Moveable Wall Partitions


We provide conventional, horizontal, sliding, double glazed and bi-folding movable interior partition walls as well as the Skyfold vertical folding wall system allowing you to create a space with more than one function and more than one ambience.

Our moving partition walls can be provided as a manual, semi-electric and/or fully automated electrical operation. Our products offer countless variations in terms of function, acoustic performance, and aesthetics.


Movable Divider Walls

MJF Interiors offers a wide range of movable partition wall systems for different commercial spaces. These systems usually divide a large space spreading from floor to ceiling to fit all your needs. They will fulfil all your demands for both space-saving and practical multipurpose space with better acoustic insulation.

Sliding Folding Partitions

Sliding folding partitions will open or divide your commercial space in a short period. When retracted, they are almost invisible as they stack against a wall or ceiling. When extended, they not only separate the space but also provide excellent acoustical insulation. One of the best representatives is Flexio by Espero.

Whether you decide on a regular, glass or fire-resistant folding wall, you can enjoy its modern look, safety, and performance. We offer a wide range of styles to ensure you find the perfect one for your interior design solution.


Sliding Wall System

Sliding walls are the perfect choice for all types of office spaces that need separation into smaller individual areas without taking up too much space. This system consists of two or more moving panels that, compared to movable and folding walls that are entirely retractable, slide into the end of the frame.

They are usually made of glass and often function as a door which is especially useful for open-space offices that need separation into smaller, more private spaces without compromising the light transmission.



Acoustic Partition Walls

If you want to limit the noise between divided spaces, opt for acoustic movable partitions. These dividers are a great choice for office spaces as they simultaneously offer privacy and discretion to those in discussion and silence for the employees that need to concentrate. 

They are usually made of a double-glazed sealed glass unit, but also some solid and lightweight materials such as wood, fibreglass, and some fabrics. You can also choose if it should be a movable, folding or sliding type of wall. You can also opt for non-acoustic variants.



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Manual or Automated Wall Systems

MJF Interiors offer both Manual and Automated wall systems.

  • Manual opening and closing of internal partition wall systems are not recommended for large spaces, as those large and high walls may be heavy for a person to move, especially to position and lock them.
  • Semi-automatic operable partition walls are moved manually, but locking and positioning are done with a click of a button and have a 12- or 24-voltage operating motor. This type of wall partition is ideal for medium spaces.
  • Fully automatic wall systems let you move, position, and lock the wall panels quickly with a single press of a button. These systems are perfect for enormous spaces such as gymnasiums, conferences, and concert halls. Dorma offer the only fully automatic folding wall on the market. At the turn of a key or touch of a screen, the wall simply folds away itself.

Single or Double-Point Partition Wall Systems

Besides the fixation and locking options mentioned above, you can also opt for two other types regarding how the movable partitions hang and stack.

  • Single or one-point wall systems represent panels that hang on one single point at the track. This solution provides not only the sliding functionality but also its rotation by 90 degrees which lets you easily stack them taking up less space.
  • Double or two-point wall systems are panels that hang on two points at the track. The moving of these panels is more fixed but provides less freedom. When stacked, one point remains on the main track while the other is fixed on the side track.

Top Hung or Bottom Roller

Our partition wall panels can be mounted in two ways

  • Top hung wall systems have no floor rail, which makes them perfect for spaces with carpets and where the clean flow of floor in the space is necessary.

  • Bottom roller movable walls come with an additional guiding rail on the floor. It is more secure than top-hung partitions, but the floor rail might be a safety hazard. This floor rail can be installed only on straight floors such as parquet and concrete.


How Does our Folding Walls Service Work?


  1. Planning your design
  2. Getting workable solutions for architectural requirements
  3. Reviewing our plans and quotations.
  4. Getting started


Why Choose MJF Interiors?

All MJF Interiors projects are custom designed for you to suit your space, with no compromises.

Starting with a blank canvas, the design possibilities are endless. There is no doubt that our services are one of the best in Ireland as we offer:

  • Special projects such as modifications and changes of finishes
  • Retrofitting new partitions systems as well as upgrades and replacement partitions.
  • Wall installation that complies with the European Standard.
  • Premium and safe service as our engineer teams have over 15 years of experience and all necessary health and safety certifications and manufacturers' accreditations.

Do your movable wall systems come in standard sizes?

 No all bespoke made to measure


Do I need planning permission to install an operable wall partition?

No planning permission required