The office environment has evolved over the years since we first started providing office desking and seating. We are a company that likes to take on board these changes and embrace them.


Work today is more varied than ever, and spaces and settings are designed to suit these needs. Collaboration with colleagues is a strong part of this, and areas are set up to facilitate it. Collaboration areas, landing areas before or after a meeting, workshop areas, cove settings, private booths etc.

People can choose from a range of spaces that better support their activities, strengthen their connection with colleagues, and help fulfil their specific purpose. These settings can be designed in ways that uniquely express the culture of an organisation and further its ambitions, making the place a more valuable asset.

We have a strong team of brands that facilitate and provide high-quality furniture to suit these needs. We are constantly sourcing new products, trends, and brands to give us the best, most up-to-date range of furniture to suit the challenges of the ever-changing workplace area.





We have brands with the most iconic pieces from the twentieth century by George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, Jean Prouvé, and Verner Panton. But also contemporary brands of Hay, Naughtone, Arper, Sabaltalia, Sancal… and many more.


What is a collaboration area?

It is a designated area to bring people together in settings that promote collaboration and create spaces for teaming up, pooling resources, and putting heads together. It is important that the areas are designed to adhere to the needs of these settings. Of course, the furniture has to be very specific for this too, and we have infinite suppliers and a great deal of experience sourcing the best solutions for these types of areas.

What suppliers do you work with that can provide suitable furniture for these collaborative spaces?

We have access to an array of suppliers, but we have particularly strong partners that we regularly work with and are exclusive dealers for.


Can you provide furniture for private zones?

Yes, although group settings and collaboration areas are very important, there is still a need for privacy. Whether it be single private pods for private phone conversations or private meeting booths, we have access to an array of products that are suitable for this.


Do you supply agile furniture for collaboration areas?

We have always supplied agile furniture for board rooms and canteen areas, but since the pandemic and changing designs of offices, there has been an upsurge in demand for agile furniture in collaboration areas, and we are proud to work with suppliers that have really embraced the need for this and come up with innovative agile furniture pieces.

What other areas of fit-out projects do you specialise in?

All the loose furniture elements, desks, seating, meeting, and collaboration furniture.